Agile QA Lead stuff

I've been speaking to people, recruiters especially about what I do as 'Global Head of Quality' at iflix. Today, I hammered out a reply in a chat, it went something like: I have worked with QA teams both here and in India. However I try to focus on building quality into all stages of the product development cycle . The QA teams I've worked with started off being post-development testing teams, focusing on regression testing applications built by teams prior to pushing code to production. My goal has been to reduce the number of stand-alone QA's, not increase them. To embed good agile practices across the organisation and identify and eliminate any 'over the wall' behaviour the engineering teams have. If the organisation has a 'stand-alone' QA team, and a long post-engineering testing cycle, they are doing software WRONG! QA as a standalone practise is actually a common sign of waste in software engineering, so eliminating waste should be every 'agile' teams goals. Agile teams need to consider 'quality' as building the thing right in the first place. This helps the team move on from separate 'checking' steps in their process. Quality is everyones responsibility, not just the testers.


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