A survey on release processes with organisations that 'sef-identify' as folowing agile practises.

Earlier this year I ran a survey around ‘release processes’ specifically with companies that follow agile practices. I promised that I would publish the results and apologies for the delay, I have collated the responses below. Thanks to everyone that participated, really appreciate your time and energy. At iflix we're always looking to improve our release processes so it was really great to get so many good responses. We learnt we're not that far apart from our peers out there. We've got a lot to learn of course, some of that comes from hearing from others and some from the mistakes we make. The trick is to make your mistakes small ones and learn fast with minimal disruption to your customers. This survey was run at least 5 months ago, so it’s a snapshot in time.  Most places I have worked change their processes (inspect and adapt!). I've reproduced the responses in their entirety, so it is a bit of a long read. I’ve anonymised the responses somewhat, retaining