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The challenge of running an agile project with an annual funding model

In my last role in my former life as an employee at Lonely Planet, I was Project Manager on one of the major projects running in Product/IT for that year. I understand that the funding process has changed a lot since then, and I like to think I and my colleagues helped contribute to that with our actions.

As part of our reporting responsibilities we were required to do a breakdown on project spend, feature completeness and time remaining. All standard stuff, with the aim of retaining tight governance on a fairly large project with a substantial budget.

There were however, a number of factors that made this a rather painful process.
1) The project had gotten its funding from a number of sources, both print and digital, as well as external clients. In memory, there were at least 6-8 buckets of money contributing to the overall project budget, and each of these expected something for their dollars. This was/is a fairly standard way to fund projects in organizations and wasn't …