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Burn ups - a follow up

In a follow up to my previous post on burn up charts, I sent an email this is adapted from to members of the team. In it I expanded on the use of Burn up charts in tracking progress on multiple release projects. All names have been changed to protect the innocent.

First burn up chart for Project X Vers 1.0.
Interesting information we can glean from this very early chart;
- We can say, with what we know so far, the likely release dates is sometime between Sprint 7 and Sprint 16.
- To increase the accuracy of our forecast release date, we need to spend more time doing workshops to breakdown the epics. This will reduce the gap between “Known scope and “Known worst case”
- More workshops to determine scope means less time to do actual work. (Catch 22)
- This range is due to large number of Epics (proportionally) still to be broken down to stories (8)
- 9 stories delivered is based on Tablet stories so far completed in this sprint of which most were carry overs from last sprint

There are s…