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The band of uncertainty – A burn up chart story.

The problem
With most agile projects, change is one of the few constants, its this paradox that makes traditional project management forecasting tools obsolete (if they ever actually worked in the first place). Gantt charts react poorly to change if it happens every day, chucking hissy fits and requiring far too much time to maintain. There is still a need however to be able to track project progress towards a goal, especially projects of many sprint lengths.I have started using Burn up charts as part of my end of sprint reports which are sent out to all the interested parties on a project including team members and other stakeholders.

Setting up the chart
There are some tools that have come into vogue for measuring agile project progress, of which the burn up chart is one of these. I first came into contact with burn up charts a few years ago. We had a very basic chart introduced towards the end of a large project by the amazing Angela Ferguson of Thoughtworks. This stuck with me and …