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Running an agile project with distributed teams

I am currently working with a large team doing software development. Whilst a lot of the lessons we learnt apply to any team, doing anything in multiple locations, our team just happened to be following agile practice. As a result, a lot of our learnings where on how to apply agile principles (both process and technical) in our situation. Half our team is in Melbourne, Australia and the other half in Hyderabad, India. I thought I would share how we work together. Mostly, we work well, however there are some things we would do differently or that still puzzle us (see what I did there).
Tools of the tradeSkype for text chat between teams Skype for daily stand ups (voice)Google docs for planning sessions - great for sharing and live editing with the teams in multiple locationsJira's greenhopper plug in for our virtual board at stand ups, I've also seen teams use Mingle, Trello, whatever as long as we keep the damn thing up to date
Our daily activities9.30 am, Melbourne team stan…