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An idea for a release Retro

An idea for a release Retro
Simon Bristow, my fellow engineering manager, and I sat down yesterday to brainstorm how to run a cross-organisational retro for a major release. This release was 8 development sprints and 2 Regression sprints long, a total of 20 weeks.

Here is what we dreamt up, I'll follow up with a post on how it all went:


Representatives from the various areas of the organization (no more than say 25 in total) – Suggestions of key people welcomed, but at a minimum:

Prod Ops, at least one member of each Sprint team, COPS (Client operations), Helpdesk, Triage, Marketing, UX


Rather than asking the groups to come up with Themes, we propose that S, H and I look through related Retro notes, information on the Sprint notes (from our Wiki) and canvass you other people in the organisation for Themes to pre-populate on the day. We’ll discuss and get say 8-10 themes for the day and place them around the room on butchers paper prior to folk coming in. These themes should b…