Agile and architecture

Another question for the #agile crew out there. I have conversations with senior engineers a lot, often people relatively new to agile. A question I am often asked is "How does architecture work in an agile environment?" I notice some discomfort with not knowing, and fear of things like scalability, security etc being forgotten in an emergent architecture approach.
I was looking around the internet for inspiration, stumbled across this thread:
There are some good thoughts in here, like:
"take the decision at the last possible responsible moment - meaning its fine if you haven't taken all the decisions at the beginning of the project, especially since you have least information at this stage. Over time, you may take decisions that "evolve" the architecture"
I particularly like the idea that the team be given as much responsibility and ownership of the app as possible. However, the counter argument is, sometimes, we lose sight of the big picture, over to you hivemind, what do we think?


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